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From louder minds to creative people.

We know the positions of every menu on all our software, we've customized our toolbars to have everything handy and we know all that articulated keyboard shortcuts perfectly, but it's still not enough.

We would like to be able to touch our virtual tools. That's why we wanted to create something completely different.

Work Louder works on high aesthetic computer hardware for daily creators that needs more confort during their creative proccess. We build high-grade custom keyboards for all the needs: whether you are an illustrator, a graphic designer, a 3d modeler or a music designer and you want optimize and focus on your creations, we are working for you.

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"...also know as hype maker 🔥"

Board [ext]

Like most of famous japanese mecha also this keyboard it's composed by 3 elements and a modular base plate that let you build & remix each components. Yes, a sort of Megazord but without any super power (we are working on that). Even if you are not a keyboard-ranger, you can make your own keyboard and to boost up your creativity!

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